Can you hear the massive din and see arrows raining down as two medieval armies clash, or imagine yourself taking aim at an apple perched on a head? Or do you fancy yourself roaming through Nottingham Forest relieving the wealthy of their purses and supporting the poor a la Robin Hood?

Whichever thought appeals, remember that a bow and arrow were involved, and as one of the few remaining ancient arts practiced today, you can still try your hand at archery at Somanipuram.

- We provide individuals with the tools necessary.
- We offer a safe environment and excellent instructors.
- We meet the needs of a variety of age groups and organizations.


Live the excitement of shooting a PAINT BALL GUN in a competition setting and feel your breath as you squeeze the trigger.                      

Bungee Jumping

If adventure is the name of the game, there is nothing more adventurous than getting a high from falling from a height. Bungee can be classified in the category of sports, which, to put simply, is the name of courage under fire.

Bungee jumping is an activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord.

We have a bungee jumping set up not only for children but for all age people.

Our Bungee Jumping activity will send your kid soaring high into the sky. The joy of watching the glee in their faces when they go up and swing around is close to no other. The excitement and fun of it all for them is incredible and we are sure they won't come off that trampoline very easy!

Padel Boating for Kids

Padel boats is an amusement activity in which kids drive tiny boats in a pool or pond. Gearing up with safety equipment's experience this fun-filled and thrilling activity. It is a recreational activity that focusses on travel as well as sporting. It is a popular activity enjoyed by millions across the globe during their leisure times.

Water Roller

Site Instructed A large inflatable tube provides a dry atmosphere when inside. Try and walk on water like a hamster! The tube is tethered to allow easy retrieval. Safe but fun when you try to test your sense of balance and control.